Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Art Conservatory Show

A virtual show of hanging scrolls and new digital drawings by Alizarin Goldflake, my Second Life avatar, will open on Saturday, January 23, at 3 pm PST in The Art Conservatory at Sapphos Commons in Second Life.

This is a show of many Firsts. It is the Grand Opening of The Art Conservatory, featuring RobertSteven Smythe of Artemisia fame as the curator. All of the new digital drawings will be seen in Second Life for the first time. And also for the first time, all of the work inside the Conservatory will be available in Real Life at http://www.marthavista.com/dayfornightshow.htm

Centerpiece of the digital drawing installation on the second floor, the "Day for Night Series" consists of scripted images that change their time of day before the viewer's eyes. These four variations on a an image are of a summer cottage overlooking a wildflower meadow, with a glimpse of the ocean in the distance. They come from a RL series of digital monoprints in which the black & white drawing is constant throughout the two dozen prints, while the color is unique to each individual print. The four scripted drawings are accompanied by a selection of four new non-scripted images. To view the monoprints, please see http://www.marthavista.com/DigiDrawHoriz2.htm and scroll down.

My hanging scrolls are on display downstairs (also outside in the park as wind-interactive banners). These scrolls represent an RL direction that is recent for me and uses a creative approach I discovered in Second Life. The physical presentation of the collages was inspired by Japanese art, specifically paintings which are displayed as hanging scrolls called kakejiku.

DIGITAL ART: Martha Jane Bradford
Web Site: http://www.marthavista.com/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/
search "Martha Jane Bradford"

VIRTUAL ART: Alizarin Goldflake
Second Life avatar of Martha Jane Bradford
Atelier Alizarin (Second Life studio):

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